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10 Jobs That You Should Stay Away From

In today’s time, having a job is very important to every person but in some cases, employees may turn down job offerings. There are also different reasons that can cause this, but in reality, there are some jobs that people must avoid for certain reasons. Industries that prefer automation and the use of advance computers are basically the biggest contributor for the loss of the best jobs to have. The competition between human and computers is greatly affecting the world of employment. However, there are some jobs into which you should stay away from. Here are some examples that may provide a clear explanation why you must avoid it.

  • Florist- you might think that this job is more relaxing and can provide you a stable salary but think again. Basically, a florist has his or her own business, and in most cases this person has a shop where different types of flowers are offered. The problem is most customers prefer to buy bouquets in dept store and side walk vendors. This is because of the lower price, and they have the privilege to have their own arrangements.

  • Desktop publishers was one of the best jobs that a person can have. Today, with the sudden increase of self-publishers and E-book providers, the basic jobs of a desktop publisher has been taken away.

  • Print technician is one of the jobs that is on the downturn because many people prefer to use different gadgets that can digitally read magazines and e-books and give access to these. Also, due to the loss of many trees, the printing industry is now suffering because printing needs some printing materials that can only be provided by cutting woods.

  • Outside sales or also known as the door to door- selling products with this marketing style is now having a hard time. The reason for this is that more companies are now using the internet to promote their products. Also, internet marketing is capable of targeting specific consumers and it is also less expensive and it does not require more time.

  • Postal workers - for years, this job was considered to be one of the best professions. However, as the technology advances, sending of hand written mails started to fade due to the use of emails and text messages.

  • Telemarketing is one way of endorsing a product that your company is selling. However, you know how annoying it is to receive an unknown call.

  • Receptionists are basically the persons who are assigned to answer all the phone calls and interact with the visitors of your company. The sad part about this job is that receptionists can also be the one who will face all the negative feedback that your company will get.

  • Logging workers is the one who is assigned to cut trees in different areas in the world. However, with the increase of people who prefer to maintain a green environment, the logging industry was simply stopped.

  • Garbage collectors - as the title suggests, these people handle garbage every day. The risk of being run over by other vehicles is very high and that is why it is one of the jobs you must avoid.

  • Fishing is probably the most dangerous job that a person can have. Although it can provide a large amount of cash, the risk it brings is the main reason why you should avoid this job.